Erie County Legislator Howard Johnson Announces HEAP Outreaches in the First Legislative District for 2020

Modified: December 26, 2019 2:10pm

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Erie County Legislator Howard Johnson is announcing that three HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) outreach sessions for the first legislative district will be held on the following dates in the city of Buffalo:


Saturday, January 18th  at The William Emslie YMCA, 585 William Street from 9AM- 1PM. This event will be RSVP only. Please contact (716) 842-0490 or (716) 858-8511 if interested in attending.


Tuesday, January 21st  at CAO Masten Resource Center, 1423 Fillmore Avenue from 9 AM-2 PM


Tuesday, February 4th at West Side Community Service Center, 161 Vermont St from 9AM-2PM


HEAP is a federally funded program to assist Erie County Residents with their heating bills.  The HEAP outreach will be administered by the Erie County Departments of Social Services. For more information, contact the HEAP Hotline at 858-7644 or visit:  and www.mybenefits.nygov


Erie County HEAP and Emergency Services department is located at 460 Main St, second floor, effective October 15, 2018. For regular benefit assistance, customers can request an application be mailed to them by calling the application request line at 858-1969. Interviews will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.  All prospective clientele are welcome to apply for HEAP assistance at outreach sites, regardless of age or disability. 


Emergency Heap Applicants must have a final disconnection notice.  General HEAP applicants are required to bring the following documentation to the session:


-          One (1) form of identification for all household members (Birth Certificates, License, Social Security Card)


-          Proof of income received within the last 30 days for all household members (Pay Stubs, Social Security or Pension Award letters, Proof of Child Support, Rental Income, Unemployment Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, Etc.)


-          Current heat and electric bills including current shut off or disconnect notices, if applicable


HEAP Income Guidelines 2019

 Monthly Household Gross Income Cannot Exceed:



Household Size


Gross Monthly Income

























If an applicant is missing information, they may be allowed to mail the information and complete the application process. If possible, please bring photocopies of documentation with you to expedite the application process. For more information or assistance, please contact Marietta at 842-0490.