Erie County Legislature declares May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month

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Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo announces that Erie County has recognized May 2017 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month to educate and protect the community. A proclamation was presented to Stephanie Szymanski and her parents, Juliet and Kenneth, along with Margaret Schaefer at the May 11 session.


“By declaring Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Erie County we are supporting efforts to educate the public and promote resources that are helping the many families who deal with this disease daily. Our region has a high risk of Lyme disease and the Legislature is proud to be involved in raising awareness and informing residents about ways to prevent and treat this life-changing disease,” said Majority Leader Lorigo. “I want to thank the Szymanski family and members of Lyme WNY who shared their story today and for helping to educate everyone in Erie County.”


“Thank you to the Erie County Legislature for declaring May as Lyme Awareness Month in Erie County. This helps in our effort to raise awareness in our community about Lyme disease and tick borne illnesses.  Our hope is to either have a future without Lyme disease and tick borne illness, or acknowledgement that Lyme disease and tick borne illnesses are in Western New York.  We want to make a difference and open the eyes of doctors so chronic Lyme patients don’t have to suffer like the members in our group have,” said Juliet Szymanski, a member of Lyme WNY whose daughter, Stephanie, has Lyme disease.


To learn more about Lyme WNY, please visit the group’s Facebook page at The County’s Health Department also provides information on its website at and searching “Ticks & Lyme Disease” or “Stop Ticks.”


For additional information, or to speak with Legislator Lorigo, please contact his Legislative Office at 858-8922; email; or visit