Leading by example, Legislature reduces own budget for 2015

At today’s Annual Budget Meeting the Erie County Legislature Majority Caucus voted to reduce its own budget by nearly $100,000. The reduction was achieved by eliminating a position, slashing the office supply budget line and reducing its rental costs, among other cuts.


“When the new Republican-aligned majority took control of the Legislature in 2014, one of my first acts as chairman was requesting an audit of the Legislature by the Comptroller’s Office. Thanks to the findings of that audit, we were able to identify savings and take corrective action. As we near the end of this year we have a better understanding of our budget needs under the new majority and were able to reduce next year’s budget accordingly,” said Chairman John Mills.


“The Majority Caucus is leading by example by making cuts to our own budget and improving efficiency. Since taking control of the Legislature, the new majority has been able to make real changes and we are seeing tangible results and savings. The Legislature expects to return a surplus at the end of 2014 and we will continue to look for additional opportunities to save,” said Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo.


The following cuts were approved:

  • Fringe Benefits – Reduced from 1,049,147 to $1,023,900 – a savings of $25,247
  • Office Supplies – Reduced $20,999 to $10,999 – a savings of $10,000
  • Utility Charges – Reduced from $35,000 to $20,000 – a savings of $15,000
  • Secretarial Assistant – Reduced from $31,349 to $0 – a savings of $31,349
  • Rental Charges – Reduced from $71,875 to $56,875 – a savings of $15,000