Day Care

95 Franklin Street, Room 449
Buffalo, New York 14202

Phone: (716) 858-8953

Fax: (716) 858-2888

Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Applications for Day Care Assistance can be made remotely. Application packets and supporting documents can be mailed to Day Care Assistance, 95 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202. Applications are available through the following links:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the declaration of a State disaster emergency, the Office of Child and Family Services issued waivers to local social services districts to expand child care services provided to children and families affected by COVID-19. The waivers previously granted expired July 31, 2020. Therefore, effective 8/1/2020:

  • Erie County will resume our previous, standard absence policy for contracted providers.
  • Erie County will resume our previous, standard timing for subsidy redeterminations.
  • Erie County will no longer authorize child care services payments for families who have stopped work activities or employment.

The 35% Family Share waiver previously granted and paid by Erie County in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will expire December 31, 2020. Therefore, effective January 1, 2021 day are providers are responsible to collect the family share from the parent/caretaker.

Effective 1/1/21 the expanded eligibility standards to serve families with income up to 85% of the State Median Income will expire.  A notice of discontinuance will be sent to those impacted.

Additionally, if a child is school-age and completing schoolwork or virtual instruction at your child care program and there is a change to his/her remote learning schedule  a completed Child Care Payment Questionnaire and a copy of each child’s school schedule is required to approve payment.

The Workforce Development Institute’s (WDI) Child Care Facilitated Enrollment program will accept new applications in the range of 201% of FPL up to 275% of FPL.  Eligible families can be emailed an application by completing the online prescreen here:

The Child Care Resource Network (CCRN) may be able to assist with essential supplies like bleach, gloves, masks, paper products and hand soap. Child care providers that remain open and need supplies can visit the COVID-19 Child Care Provider Resource Center ( and indicate what supplies they require. 

General Information

Low-income child care assistance is available to employed families who earn 200 percent or less of the Federal Poverty Level. Parents contribute toward the cost of care based on a sliding income scale.

All eligible families with incomes up to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level are able to submit a new application for child care subsidy. Parents are encouraged to submit all pending documentation and re-certification applications by the assigned due date, to maintain enrollment in the Child Care Subsidy Program.

Plans offered:

Child day care assistance is authorized for eligible individuals through a variety of programs outlined below. Each program determines method of payment, required paperwork and who to contact with questions and problems.

  • Temporary Assistance Child Care: is available to recipients of cash benefits who are also employed or engaged in an approved work activity, vocational or educational training program. Temporary Assistance recipients should contact their caseworker or employment counselor to discuss child care assistance eligibility.
  • Transitional Child Care Assistance: is available to recipients of Temporary Assistance who become ineligible for cash benefits due to earned income. Transitional Child Care is guaranteed for 12 months after case closing if the working family earns less than or equal to a designed percentage of the State Income Standard (which is based on the Federal Poverty Level and subject to change). Parents contribute to the cost of care according to a sliding scale based on their household income.
  • Non-Temporary Assistance Child Care (Subsidy Program): is available to working families who earn less than or equal to a designated percentage of the State Income Standard. Parents contribute to the cost of care according to a sliding scale. Assistance is also available to teen parents attending high school. For information about Non-Temporary Assistance Child Care, contact the Erie County Day Care Unit at (716) 858-8953 (TYKE). The Day Care Unit is located on the fourth floor of the Rath Building, Room 449, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo NY 14202.
  • Preventive/Protective Services Child Care: is available to recipients of Children Services when child care is mandated as part of a family's service plan. For information about this type of child care, contact Children's Services at (716) 858-8349.

For information about child care eligibility, program requirements or questions regarding available providers, please call [716] 858-TYKE [858-8953]

Help Me Grow WNY

For more information on Help Me Grow WNY, Click Here. Help Me Grow WNY is an initiative aimed at linking families to information and community resources related to child development and parenting; as well as providing personalized service coordination; and creating and facilitating partnerships within the community to improve the availability and quality of services for families. 


Important Telephone Numbers:

Child Care Resource Network
100 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14216
[716] 877-6666

NYS Office of Children and Family Services
Child Care Licensing and Information
295 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14202
[716] 847-3828

Erie County Day Care Unit
95 Franklin Street, Room 448, Buffalo, New York 14202
[716] 858-8953

For Vendors seeking lost or stolen checks:
[716] 858-6676

Erie County Department of Contract Compliance
[716] 858-7203

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