Elderly & Disabled Food Stamp Applicants

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Program information:

  • A person is considered an Elderly Food Stamp applicant if he or she is 60 years of age or older.
  • A person is considered a Disabled Food Stamp applicant if he or she receives Social Security Disability [SSD], Supplemental Security Income [SSI] benefits, or is a Veteran who receives a VA 100% Disability Benefit.


Elderly or disabled food stamp applicants may request a telephone interview instead of a face-to-face interview when applying for benefits. They may also designate, in writing, an authorized representative to apply on their behalf.

Special Considerations:

Households that include an elderly or disabled individual are not subject to the Food Stamp Gross Income limits and should contact our office at 858-8000 for more information on applying. Deductions may be allowed for non-reimbursed medical costs for elderly and disabled people. These medical costs include, but are not limited to, non-reimbursed doctor's bills, prescription drugs, and insurance premiums. Some households with an elderly member may have to pass a resource test.