12/9/11: Poloncarz Announces Transition Team Subcommittee Members

Transition Team Chairman Notes the Exceptional Interest in Serving in Poloncarz Administration, Receipt of More Than 650 Applications

ERIE COUNTY, NY—Today, Erie County Executive-elect Mark C. Poloncarz announced the chairs and members of his transition team’s subcommittees.  These subcommittees are made up of more than 50 community volunteers from a variety of business, government, civic, labor and community organizations.  One or more Executive Committee members will serve as each subcommittee’s chair or co-chairs. 

“I am grateful to the Executive Committee and subcommittee members who have volunteered time out of their incredibly busy lives to help the transition for my incoming administration,” said Poloncarz.  “As the subcommittees begin reviewing the applications and credentials from those persons interested in serving our community, I will rely on the expertise and unique viewpoints that each member brings to the table in order to recruit an administration representative of all of Erie County.”

Transition Chairman Michael Joseph added, “Executive Committee members are chairing or co-chairing the various subcommittees based on their own individual strengths and familiarity with the issue areas.  In selecting subcommittee members, we sought to include representatives from all across Erie County.  We have an exceptionally talented and diverse group that will now work towards selecting highly-qualified candidates to serve in the Poloncarz administration and I thank them for their volunteer service.”

The transition team received more than 650 applications from persons interested in serving in Erie County government.  The subcommittee members will begin to review the applications, conduct interviews and make recommendations to the County Executive-elect.  In addition, the Executive Committee members will conduct interviews with selected candidates who are candidates for positions as department heads in the Poloncarz administration.

The transition team is working to assist the County Executive-elect to fill approximately 70 positions within the incoming Poloncarz administration ranging from department heads to other policymaking, administrative and managerial confidential staff positions. Announcements on the filling of specific positions will be made in the near future. 

A detailed list of subcommittee co-chairs and members is attached here