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Erie County is pleased to announce the vendor for the new alerting project: I Am Responding

For more information on the company and product, explore their website: (the hyperlink to their site).  We ask that you do not sign up for their free trial or other offers as we are moving forward to phase in the new system throughout the county. 

 Click below for a timeline regarding the project:

  - Update #5

  - Update #4

  - Update # 3

   - Update #2

   - Update #1


Please stay tuned for additional updates on the system!


The Help Desk is here to assist the First Responder's of Erie County with any questions or issues they may have with the Erie County Alerting Network. By calling 716-961-7893 you will reach a staff member to address your specific issue. When possible we ask that individual members please contact their Agency Administrator for assistance prior to contacting the help desk so that they too are aware of any issues within their department. You may also submit your requests electronically be completing an Alerting Equipment Service Request by clicking here.

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We are experiencing intermittent issues with responders receiving text messages sent through the Verizon network. This issue is on the Verizon side of the network and not caused by IAM Responding or Erie County. We are working to solve this issue with all involved in a timely manner. Remember to have redundant means of being notified through the IAR network; such as test, email, and app. As...
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Alerting System Helpdesk Phone: (716) 961-7893
FAX: (716) 858-3900

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