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Erie County is pleased to partner with: I Am Responding

For more information on the company and product, explore their website: (the hyperlink to their site).  We ask that you do not sign up for their free trial or other offers. 


See below for update on IAM Responding:

 Thank you for your patience as IaR worked to release the much-anticipated NFIRS program.  It will be turned on for your department in a series of activations.  This is not yet open to all IaR users but will be turned on systematically for them over the next couple of weeks. 


Attached is a file for your review regarding the configuration and set up of the program.  Please note that it is currently designed to run on Google Chrome but we will be releasing it to other browsers in the coming weeks.  There will be some more additions that are outlined in the attachment, including more reports than you will see when you first navigate to it.


As questions arise and if you notice any issues with it, please feel free to contact our Support team at  Thank you again for your patience as we worked to deliver a program that meets the reliability standards that we hold critical at IaR.  We very much appreciate your patience and will continue to work to provide you and your agency with the best system at the best value in the market.

NFIRS Quickstart Guide


Stay safe!


Please stay tuned for additional updates on the system!

The Help Desk is here to assist the First Responders of Erie County with any questions or issues they may have with the Erie County Alerting Network. By calling 716-961-7893 you will reach a staff member to address your specific issue.

When possible we ask that individual members please contact their Agency Administrator for assistance prior to contacting the help desk so that they too are aware of any issues within their department. You may also submit your requests electronically be completing an Alerting Equipment Service Request by clicking here.

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