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In January 2008, Erie County Emergency Services along with the Erie County Public Safety Communications Committee, decided to change from a full NYS SWN partner and become a gateway partner. Meaning, when SWN is up and running in Erie County, we will gateway in to provide interoperable communications with those agencies operating fully on SWN. Over the past few weeks, the Public Safety Communications Committee has been working to create a UHF (400 MHz.) solution for Erie County. It is the intentions of myself and this committee to keep all first responders informed and updated to the status of this project as we move forward.

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To benefit all first responders in Erie County, the committee has come up with the following strategy. The first stage of the system will be to upgrade the Erie County Sheriff's infrastructure to a digital simulcast system. Next, will be to bring all fire agencies currently operating on low band up to a mixed mode analog/digital simulcast system. This will cover Angola, Hamburg, East Aurora, Helmuth and Springville fire control companies and their PSAPs. Furthermore the intentions are to create a countywide mutual aid police frequency, a countywide mutual aid fire frequency, a countywide Local Government frequency and to upgrade the MERS Radio System, countywide.

In the past there were plans to replace radio for radio to operate on SWN. Unfortunately due to financial constraints, that is no longer an option with the monies available to create our interoperable solution. I have included a document that describes basic suggested subscriber requirements for mobile and portable radios. This will allow each agency to go out and obtain the proper end user equipment to operate and be compatible on the new Erie County System.

As always, I look forward to working with each of you and if you should have any questions, please contact myself at 858-4909, Kevin Hughes (858-4832) and/or Jerry Whittington (858-4799).


Gregory W. Skibitsky

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