Fire Safety Division Accepting Applications for County Fire Instructor

Modified: June 16, 2017 2:45pm

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Erie County Fire Safety Accepting Applications for County Fire Instructor

Deadline for submitting applications is: July 7, 2017

Download job spec: Specification-CFI-170616.pdf

Erie County Fire Instructor (CFI)

The Erie County Division of Fire Safety periodically accepts applications and resumes for the position of part-time county fire instructor. Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications as outlined below may be canvassed to fill vacancies or additional openings. Interviews and appointments are scheduled and conducted as necessary.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Five (5) years of documented responsible career or volunteer firefighting experience. (Letter of chief officer recommendation is acceptable)
  • Two (2) years of documented experience as an instructor, training officer or training coordinator at the company level. (Letter of chief officer recommendation is acceptable)
  • Completion of the following NYS OFPC Training Programs or national certifications* at the levels indicated:
    • New YorkStateor National Certification as a Fire Service Instructor I -AND-
    • 02-Firefighting Essentials -AND- 03-Fire Behavior & Arson Awareness -AND- 10-Initial Fire Attack,

-OR-91-Basic Firefighter -AND- 92-Intermediate Firefighter,

-OR- NYS OFPC Certification as a Firefighter I,

-OR- National Certification as a Firefighter I,

-OR- 1R-BEFO-Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations with HMFRO-HazMat First Responder Operations -AND- 1S-Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA-Firefighter 1

  • AND 87/6H-Firefighter Survival
  • AND (06-Ladder Company Operations -OR- 1F-Truck Company Operations -OR- (79-Apparatus Operator-Aerial Devices -AND- 1Y-Apparatus Operator-EVOC Emergency Vehicle Operations [Pre-Requisite for 79])
  • AND (08-Pump Operations -OR- (78-Apparatus Operator-Pump -AND- 1Y-Apparatus Operator-EVOC Emergency Vehicle Operations [Pre-Requisite for 78]) -OR- 38-Water Supply Operations)
  • AND (23-Commanding the Initial Response -OR- 25-Preparing for Command -OR- 45-Introduction to Fire Officer I -OR- 9U-Fireground Strategy & Tactics for First Arriving Companies)
  • AND 1A-Live Fire Training Safety -OR- 6F-Live Fire Training Safety
  • AND 1B-Conducting Live Fire Training Evolutions -OR- 6F-Live Fire Training Safety

NOTE: Substitution for required training or certifications may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. *=Appropriate certificates from IFSAC or Pro Board.



Interested candidates should submit an application package to the Fire Safety Office consisting of:

  • Completed “Erie County Application for Examination or Employment” available from the Fire Safety Office or downloadable from:
  • Cover Letter of Intent
  • Resume
  • List of Personal and Professional References
  • Letters of Reference/Recommendation (as applicable)
  • Copies of Appropriate Certificates or Training Documentation


NOTES: 1.Normal training classes are conducted in three (3) to four (4) hour sessions. 2. Instructors are interviewed and recommended for appointment by the Erie County Fire Advisory Board and Fire Safety Division staff. 3. Verifiable part-time and/or volunteer experience will be pro-rated toward meeting full-time experience requirements. 4.CountyFire Instructors are appointed as part-time temporary employees for an unspecified period of time.


Please contact the Fire Safety Office at 716/681-7111 or by e-mail at: to request an application or further information. Applications are available for pick-up from the Fire Safety Office or can be downloaded from: Complete job specifications are available for download at:


AS OF: April 5, 2012

UPDATED: June 16, 2017 to reflect newest course equivalents and document location changes.