TRAINING: Initial Fall Schedule Released

Modified: October 5, 2016 11:29am

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The training schedule has been updated at to reflect these course announcements:



Course # 3116008 Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations due to start at Eggertsville on 9/12 has been cancelled due to insufficient registrations.



  • 0516004 Fire Police at Angola starts 9/20
  • 1R16002 BEFO-Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations starting 10/24 at West Falls (hosting for East Aurora Fire Control) will be taught using the new 79-hour/25-unit curriculum format which includes Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations, allowing successful graduates to progress into a future (50-hour) IFO-Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA course; the combination of which is the equivalent for Firefighter 1.
  • 1Y16006 Apparatus Operator-Emergency Vehicle Operations at East Amherst starts 10/11 - Download: Course Details-Apparatus Operator (Clarence is co-host)
  • 1Y16007 Apparatus Operator-Emergency Vehicle Operations at River Road starts 10/1 - Download: Course Details-Apparatus Operator
  • 6H16008 Firefighter Survival at Orchard Park starts 10/18
  • 9N16002 Engine Company Operations at East Aurora starts 9/12. Firefighter 1 or equivalent is the pre-requisite.
  • 9N16003 Engine Company Operations at Evans Center starts Tuesday-10/4 followed by Thursday-10/6, after which it changes to a Monday-Wednesday-Thursday format: 10/17, 10/19, and 10/20; 10/24, 10/26 and 10/27. Firefighter 1 or equivalent is the pre-requisite.
  • 9J16003 Principles of Instruction starts at Doyle 1 on 10/18.
  • 9U16001 Strategy & Tactics for Initial Company Operations starts at Sheridan Park (hosting for Tonawanda Fire Control) on 11/21. Firefighter 1 or equivalent is the pre-requisite.
  • 1516003 AVET-Accident Vehicle Extrication Training at Patchin starts 11/29
  • 7816005 Apparatus Operator-Pump at East Amherst starts 11/3. - Download: Course Details-Apparatus Operator for pre-requisites. (Clarence is co-host)
  • 7816006 Apparatus Operator-Pump at Ellwood starts 10/24 - Download: Course Details-Apparatus Operator for pre-requisites.
  • 8816005 FAST-Firefighter Assist & Search Team starts at Orchard Park on Friday-11/11 7-9pm; Saturday-11/12 and Sunday-11/13 8am-3pm.




  • Applications are being accepted now. Please download the new version of the Standard Training Course Application from Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at:
  • Please read all of the notes below, download the appropriate documents and share them with your recruits and firefighters. Start submitting standard training course applications and NYS OFPC training authorization forms immediately.
  • As always, the training schedule is a “living document” with frequent updates. PLEASE NOTE THAT MORE COURSES WILL BE FORTHCOMING SOON