Planning for Long Term Care

My 52-year old sister living in Buffalo is having seizures and no longer able to keep her job. I live out of town and can't afford to have her move out to live with me. I worry about her safety. Are there any apartment buildings or special housing in the Erie County area where someone can check in on how she's doing every day?

My brother is 50 years old and he is challenged with illness and disability. My mom took care of him his whole life and she recently died. I took him in, but I can't manage any longer. Who do I call?

My husband died a few months ago and he always took care of everything. Is there any agency that can help me with routine things like housekeeping and meal preparation? I don't need a nursing home, just a little help.

What are the differences between adult care, assisted living and retirement communities? There are too many options and I don't know where to start.

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There are many benefits to planning ahead for long-term care. Planning ahead:

  • allows you to have more control over your future
  • helps you understand what service options are available in your community
  • teaches you about what services cost
  • means less emotional and financial stress on you and your family
  • ensures greater choices should you need care

Good planning should include:

  • taking a serious look at your, or your family's, health and finances
  • gathering information
  • developing a personal health record
  • consulting a financial planner
  • asking about long-term care insurance *
  • making your wishes known (health care proxy, power of attorney, etc.)

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For more information, or to discuss your particular situation, contact Erie County NY Connects:

Telephone: (716) 858-8526 (local calls)
1-800-396-2705 (toll-free long distance)
contact us online

Erie County NY Connects
95 Franklin St., 13th Floor
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* For more information about long-term care insurance in Erie County contact the Insurance Resource Center at (716) 858-7883.

Understanding Long Term Care

Long-term care is needed when you have a long-term illness or disability that causes you to need help with everyday activities of daily living.

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Planning for Long Term Care

Planning ahead allows you to have more control over your future and helps you understand what service options are available in your community.

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Paying for Long Term Care

An important part of planning for long-term care is deciding how to pay for it. There are variations in costs based on the type and amount of care you need, which provider you use, and where you live.

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