Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Members of the board shall have all the powers and duties of trustees of other educational institutions of the University of the State of New York. Duties include, but are not limited to: carrying out all policies and principles pertaining to the operations and selection of library material of city and county public libraries, and the exclusive power to appoint and remove employees of such city and county public libraries, to fix and define their authority and duties, and to fix their salaries within the limits of available appropriates; to establish the headquarters of a city and county public library and to establish such branches and book stations as may be necessary; to maintain and protect any and all property which may be transferred to city and county public libraries; to buy, sell, mortgage, let, or otherwise use the property of city and county public libraries and to lend, receive, or deposit, literary or scientific articles, collections or property pertaining to its work; to continue and to manage, operate, supervise and oversee any library or library under the jurisdiction of the city and/or county public libraries and to cause the services performed by any such library to be continued; to assume and take over the supervision, direction and management and employment of all personnel of any library; generally perform and carry out all the necessary or usual acts and duties required by law and performed by trustees of libraries in the state of New York.

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