slide:Department of Public Works
DPW Snow Plow List & Complaints
Visit the Erie County Department of Public Works to review which roads are on the Erie County Snow Plow List, or to submit a complaint regarding snow removal, property damage, mailboxes, etc. along roads Erie County is responsible for.
slide:Winter Storms & Extreme Cold
Winter Storms & Extreme Cold
Your personal health and safety can be in jeopardy during extreme winter cold. When temperatures drop and as wind speed increases, heat can leave your body quickly and can lead to serious health problems. It's also important to prepare your home and your car ahead of time for cold winter weather. Taking preventative action is your best defense against extreme cold.
slide:Winter Sports/Activities Availability
Winter Sports/Activities Availability
When the snow hits, the Erie County Parks are a great place to enjoy winter activities, weather permitting. Visit the Erie County Parks Winter Sports page for the latest on which activities are open each day.
slide:HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
HEAP is federally funded assistance with home heating costs and energy conservation for eligible households.
HEAP Heating Equipment (Furnace) Repair and Replacement, HEAP Regular Benefit for main source of household's heat, and HEAP Emergency Benefits for main source of heat and heat-related electricity are now open.
slide:Guided Tours with the Rangers
Guided Tours with the Rangers
Explore the Erie County parks with Erie County Park Rangers. Join us for these guided tours and walks:
February 20: Winter Outdoor Preparedness at Ellicott Creek Park
February 28: Winter Ecology Walk at Emery Park
slide:Community Trainings
Community Trainings
Community Trainings in Opioid Overdose Recognition & Use of Naloxone for Reversal
No cost for Erie County residents
Classes scheduled for February 10, 16; March 7, 8; April 7.
Questions about Trainings: (716) 858-7690
slide:Mid-year Foreclosure Sale
Mid-year Foreclosure Sale
Erie County Real Property Tax Services will hold a mid-year Foreclosure Sale on February 23, 2016 at the Buffalo and Erie County Downtown Public Library Auditorium. Foreclosed properties removed from our September 2015 sale will be up for auction. Properties given court ordered reprieve, defaults on payment plans and bankruptcies that have been discharged are eligible for this sale. There will also be a limited number of parcels that were adjourned from prior auctions added to this auction.

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