2021 National Consumer Protection Week

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It is National Consumer Protection Week(NCPW). NCPW sponsorship from the Federal Trade Commission since 1998 and "is an opportunity to remind people of their rights as consumers, help them make well-informed decisions about money, and provide tips to avoid scams."

Erie County's Office of Consumer Protection is here to ensure residents have access to education, information, and resources; regarding consumer protection. This office will investigate and mediate consumer complaints through voluntary mediation and educate Erie County consumers on the policies, best practices, and their rights and responsibilities as consumers.   

The FTC states the top consumer complaints include: fake debt collections, imposer scammers, identity theft, and telephone/mobile services. 

The FTC advises to keep oneself secure follow some simple tips. 

  • Interact with creditable companies
  • Purchase online using only one credit card
  • Avoid giving out your primary email address. Try setting up a separate email for online shopping.
  • Be aware of any unwanted phone calls or unfamiliar emails that may be part of a phishing scam. 
  • Pay attention to websites and their URLs. When purchasing items online make sure the site is secure and begins with HTTPS, the "s" in the URL singles that the site is secure. 
  • Read and pay attention to the privacy policies of any business you wish to work with
  • Use secure passwords for an additional level of protection.

These tips are just some knowledge consumers can carry with them to stay safe and avoid scams. If you have specific questions or concerns, reach out and let our office know we are here to help at 716-858-6169 or email, consumerprotection@erie.gov. 


Wednesday, March 31, 2021