Amazon Prime Day:

Modified: June 21, 2021 1:37pm

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Prime Day is open to any members who enjoy Amazon Prime subscriptions on June 21 & 22, popularly known as Prime Day, to enjoy shopping deals galore. 

However, with every good deal, one must be alert to online scams. 

Be leery of clicking on social media ads and unsolicited emails or texts from major retailers asking for personal and banking information. These out-of-the-blue messages are red flags and potential scams.

Amazon may reach out to a consumer for information but Amazon will not seek sensitive information, like your social security number or banking information. 

Don’t let a cybercriminal take advantage of you on Prime Day! 

If you are setting up a new Amazon account be sure you are on the legitimate Amazon site and not a copycat site. To check the site you are at, hover over the website and be sure it is and no other variation, before providing any personal information. Be sure to read all terms and conditions. Use a strong password and make it a different password for every site you visit. This helps to ensure your identity will not be compromised at any site you visit should it be breached. 

Should you experience any problems reach out to our office; we are here to offer guidance and assist you with issues you experience!


Wednesday, June 30, 2021