11/09/12: Poloncarz, Officials Visit Renewed Como Lake Park

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Significant Shelter Improvements, Road Repairs Greatly Enhance Visitors’ Experience

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz was joined by Erie County Legislator Terry McCracken and Parks Commissioner Troy Schinzel for a tour of recently-improved shelters and facilities at Como Lake Park in Lancaster.  Recent renovations at Erie County’s third-largest park include dramatic updates to the Bowen Grove shelter and Lancaster Place, as well as extensive roadway and parking lot improvements completed in close cooperation with the County Department of Public Works.

“These improvements are another sign of our continuing commitment to revitalizing the County Parks system and returning it to a condition that residents can be proud of,” said Poloncarz. “We are investing in our infrastructure in a very visible way, demonstrating that we believe in the importance of Erie County’s parks and want to preserve and enhance them for the next generation. 2012 has been a busy year for improvements not only here at Como Lake Park but at numerous other parks as well.”

Renovations and improvements at the Bowen Grove shelter in 2012 include the installation of a new roof, lighting and electrical upgrades, replacement of all amenities, general carpentry, and interior painting. Centrally located in the park near the tennis courts, Lancaster Place received similar attention this year, with a new roof and other carpentry-related upgrades. Plumbing fixtures and new lighting for this building and the restrooms inside are also being considered.

“It has been a pleasure working with County Executive Poloncarz in making these improvements to Como Lake Park, and I would also like to commend Commissioner Schinzel for taking the initiative to make these improvements to this vital part of our community,” said Legislator McCracken. “While more work remains, I appreciate what has been done so far, and especially the fact that cooperation between departments has brought these results. It’s important to note that these improvements have been accomplished while still being mindful of the budgetary limitations that Erie County faces.”

Additional enhancements were performed at Como Lake Park through cooperative efforts involving the Parks Department and the Department of Public Works, which completed Phase 1 of roadway and parking lot improvements on-site. Repairs included the patching of road surfaces inside the park, oil & chipping in some road areas, and in some cases the repaving of entire road sections and parking lots.

“As in other County parks, the improvements here at Como Lake Park are the result of lots of hard work and great inter-departmental cooperation,” said Schinzel. “Thousands of people use these shelters, restrooms, and roadways every year, and they deserve a Parks experience that is as good as it can be. We will continue to repair, maintain, and improve our Parks to add to that experience.”

Remaining projects at Como Lake Park will include the replacement of the entire roof and subsurface on the Wood Shop Building, and structural repairs to the Rich Marino Gazebo.

For more information on the Erie County Parks department, visit   http://www2.erie.gov/parks/