11/14/14: Erie County DPW Gears Up for Winter Weather, Plowing

Modified: January 23, 2015 3:28pm

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New Trucks, Additional Salt Fortify County’s Weather-Fighting Road Crews

ERIE COUNTY, NY— The Erie County Department of Public Works’  (“DPW”) Highways Division reports readiness to handle Mother Nature’s wintriest offerings this season with a force of 40 primary snow plows equipped and ready for action this weekend, with five new vehicles to be added to the fleet starting in the last week of November. The new arrivals are equipped with salters and plows, and four of the five are heavy-duty, tandem-axle trucks featuring all-wheel drive. Since 2011, the DPW has replaced fully 50% of the primary fleet of snow plowing vehicles.

“With the arrival of wintry weather, I want to remind residents that Erie County crews are fully equipped and already busy clearing snow in some areas of the County, particularly in the southern reaches,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz.  “My administration takes public safety very seriously and understands the responsibility that comes with it when it comes to readiness, responsiveness, and reliability in keeping the roads clear. Many municipalities across Erie County are joining forces with us to keep county roads clear and residents safe this winter, and for those that are a part of the team, I say thank you for sharing our commitment to public safety. Just like last year, we are prepared for the worst that winter can ‘snow’ at us.”

The four new all-wheel drive trucks will be added to two already in Erie County’s snow removal fleet. These trucks are essential for operations in the hill country and in southern Erie County where snows are typically heavier. In addition, these trucks can be used throughout the year, rather than the “winter-only” all-wheel drive vehicles purchased in years past. A new high lift was also purchased along with the five new trucks, bringing the total investment in snow-removal equipment to nearly $1.4 million.

In response to a colder-than-normal winter in 2013-14, DPW has also built up its road salt stocks from a year ago. In 2014, 17,000 tons of salt were ordered but over 34,000 tons of salt were used throughout the winter due to harsh conditions. In 2015, DPW has 25,000 tons of salt available for usage on area roadways, with plans to procure more should conditions warrant.

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On the Erie County Department of Public Works, visit http://www2.erie.gov/dpw/