1/8/15: Poloncarz Issues Travel Advisory For Erie County

Modified: January 2, 2018 4:47pm

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Urges No Unnecessary Travel until Further Notice in Anticipation of Lake Effect Snow

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz has issued a travel advisory, in effect from 11 PM and until further notice, for all of Erie County due to an anticipated snow storm that could leave snow accumulations of up to 36 inches in some areas by Saturday morning. The entire region will see a general snowfall of 4 – 8 inches tonight with winds increasing and gusting to 45 mph. Lake effect-enhanced snow will grow in intensity as it drifts from the north to the south tomorrow, affecting the metro area during morning drive time and continuing south through the afternoon with snowfall rates as high as 3-4 inches per hour. 

“I urge residents in the strongest possible terms not to travel unless they absolutely have to, and to be prepared if they must venture out during this advisory period. Erie County plow crews will be out in force across the county during this snowfall and it is important to keep as much traffic as possible off the roads to clear them as quickly as possible,” said Poloncarz. “Lake effect snow can be intense and unpredictable and driving in it should be avoided if possible. For safety reasons and to facilitate quicker action by plow crews, motorists should avoid or delay driving if possible.”