4/14/15: Erie County Highlights 101 Ways County Government Serves Residents

Modified: April 14, 2015 8:33am

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April is National County Government Month; EC Programs, Services Impact Hundreds of Thousands of Residents 

ERIE COUNTY, NY—April is National County Government Month, celebrated each year by the nation’s counties and embraced as a way to increase public awareness and understanding on the many services and programs provided at the county level nationwide. Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz called attention to 101 ways that Erie County government serves its residents and strengthens the quality of our community with a corresponding compilation that highlights the numerous roles and responsibilities of a range of county departments. 

“Although many people may not realize it, Erie County government is actively involved in resident’s lives in multiple ways every day. From maintaining the roads we drive on, to protecting public health and safety, to providing a county parks system that is second to none, and in many other ways Erie County government works every day to make our community better,” said Poloncarz.  “April provides an opportunity to learn much more about how a well-managed Erie County government protects, serves and provides for over one million residents. While there really are far more than just 101 examples, this list is a good way to get started and it broadly demonstrates some of what Erie County government does.”

View the full list of 101 Ways.