4/22/15: Phase II Construction Underway at Black Rock Canal Park

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Highlights Include Resurfaced & Improved Parking Lot, Landscaping, New Promenade 

Black Rock Canal ParkERIE COUNTY, NY— Erie County’s Black Rock Canal Park is undergoing significant upgrades this spring as Phase II of construction is underway at the Park and will include improvements to parking areas as well as the installation of a river-themed, stone promenade along the water’s edge, in addition to the installation of new landscaping and other thematic elements consistent with the Park’s heritage. Phase I, which involved the design, development, and construction of the Park, was completed in 2013 and celebrated at the Park’s ribbon-cutting in May of that year.

“The continuing developments at Black Rock Canal Park will enhance visitors’ experiences and add to the aesthetics of the Park, as well as make it easier for boaters to access the launch and enjoy the Niagara River,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “I want to thank the Parks Department, as well as the Department of Environment and Planning, for working with the Black Rock Canal Park Steering Committee to make this vision a reality and creating this beautiful spot on the water.”

Included in Phase II will be a resurfaced parking lot with clearly striped spaces for trailered vehicles needing launch access, as well as designated spaces for handicapped parking. New landscaping will greet visitors immediately upon entering the Park, guiding access to the launch area and incorporating plantings designed to help filter stormwater runoff and reduce the “heat island” effects from nearby pavement. A new stone promenade will be installed at the Park’s edge along the water, and will feature a large black rock as a tribute to the Black Rock area along with an iconic boat sculpture near the launch.

Construction on the approximately $850,000 Phase II project began on Wednesday, April 15 and is expected to take approximately 16 weeks. The boat launch and main parking area at Black Rock Canal Park will be closed until the project is completed.


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On the Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, visit   http://www2.erie.gov/parks/