4/9/14: Bee News - Building from the Past to the Future with Bills’ Lease, Stadium Renovations

Our community was saddened last month at the passing of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, Jr., the only owner the team has ever had and the man who put Buffalo on the NFL map.  We are known internationally for the Bills and for the passion our fans have for their team. We want to keep it that way, so it is important to note that the lease agreement signed by Erie County, New York State and the Bills in 2013 keeps them playing here in Erie County through at least 2020. That agreement is also spurring numerous “fan-friendly” renovations at the stadium in Orchard Park, and I’d like to highlight both developments this month.

When my administration negotiated the lease on behalf of the people of Erie County, we sought an agreement that protected taxpayers’ interests and kept the team here for as long as possible. In a year-long negotiating process that involved much compromise among the three parties, we emerged with a lease that contained a strong non-relocation agreement and also had significant investments from the State and, for the first time, the Bills themselves. Under the Non-Relocation Agreement, if the owner of the Buffalo Bills attempted to move the team during the 10-year period, Erie County and the State may enforce the non-relocation terms in a court of law which would be based in Erie County. In the unlikely event a court allowed such move, then the team would be required to pay a $400 million penalty to the county and state. Only during one short window during the seventh year of the agreement can the team pay $28.3 million as a “buyout” penalty, said window being in direct relation to a new collective bargaining agreement with the NFL and NFL Players’ Association.

Both the non-relocation agreement and the commitment to funding are indicators of how dedicated all parties were to creating an agreement that’s fair, solid, and keeps the Bills playing in Erie County.

Another important part of the lease involves the ongoing renovations at Ralph Wilson Stadium, a venue that, in spite of its age, still has some of the best sight lines in the NFL.  I was joined recently by officials from the State and the Bills to tour the site and see the improvements firsthand. The stadium is a hive of activity, with workers opening up concourses, installing cable, upgrading restrooms, building new concession areas and scoreboards, improving seating, and creating a much more “fan-friendly” atmosphere. There is also construction on a new Bills’ store, new fan lounge areas, and new stairwells and access points to the stadium bowl. Work is continuing at a fast pace with the goal of completion by the preseason opener, giving Bills fans a stadium that is substantially different and far better than they’ve seen.

While we mourn the passing of Mr. Wilson, it is good to know that a foundation has been laid to keep “his” team, the Buffalo Bills, here in Erie County for a long time.