7/8/14: Officials Partner to Promote Seasonal Safety at County Parks

Modified: January 23, 2015 3:01pm

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County Executive, Sheriff, Parks Department Collaborate to keep Parks Family-Friendly

ERIE COUNTY, NY— With family safety at the top of the agenda through the summer months, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz was joined today by Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard, Parks Commissioner Troy P. Schinzel, members of the Erie County Sheriff’s office, and representatives from the Parks department to announce a collaboration between the Parks department and the Sheriff’s office that will provide an enhanced law enforcement presence at Erie County parks throughout the summer months. Sheriff’s patrols will be visiting all Erie County parks at various times of the day and night in order to maintain a safe, family atmosphere and discourage the mischief that often occurs during the long summer evenings and nights.

“Erie County’s parks are meant for relaxation, family fun, and the opportunity to enjoy time surrounded by natural beauty. We have invested millions of dollars in improvements in our parks across the county, we will continue to work to make them even better, and the last thing any of us wants to see is vandalism or mischief destroying the park going experience for others,” said County Executive Poloncarz.  “I thank Sheriff Howard and Parks Commissioner Schinzel for their cooperation and vigilance in protecting these tremendous assets for all to enjoy. Summer is a wonderful season to come out and spend some time at one of our parks, and thanks to the efforts of the Sheriff’s office and the Parks department we will be promoting a safe, family-friendly atmosphere for picnickers, families, cyclists, and the many other people who use our parks.”

Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard said, “Our county parks are the pride of the community and thousands of people utilize the golf courses, trails, shelters and beaches to enjoy the natural beauty of our area.  During National Parks and Recreation month, we want to ensure that families have a safe and great time without worrying about offensive or criminal behavior. The Sheriff’s office is well prepared to patrol the park’s different terrains with our Mounted Division and the ATV and Marine units.  These will allow the Sheriff’s Office to reach all areas of the parks not accessible to our road patrol vehicles.”

Parks Commissioner Schinzel added, “Collaborating with the Erie County Sheriff’s office is a natural way to protect park-goers and the parks themselves, and I want to thank the Sheriff’s patrols for the assistance they are providing. Our parks system is large and very well-used, so these patrols will provide an extra layer of security and help to discourage the inappropriate behaviors we typically see during the summer months while giving families and recreational park users an added sense of safety.”