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The Erie County Division of Budget and Management has submitted to the Erie County Legislature for approval a package of 2018 Year-End Budget Balancing Amendments and Designations, a routine annual budgetary action that enables the Division to close the county’s books for 2018 and prepare financial statements for review by the county’s independent auditors, Drescher and Malecki LLP. These year-end adjustments, which do not increase spending, affect numerous county departments and programs and were identified in cooperation with the county Comptroller’s office and in consultation with departmental accountants based on year-end financial reports.


Among the funding designations are:


  • ·         $5 million for the Albright Knox Art Gallery AK360 expansion project,
  • ·         $2.5 million for the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens’ campus renovations, and
  • ·         $1.76 million for the Evans Water Tower expansion and site work to service the Angola Agribusiness Park


“Budget balancing amendments are a necessary step in finalizing the previous year’s budget, taking into account all funds received through December 31 and providing a complete picture of the county’s fiscal health at year’s end. As we close out 2018 I am pleased to announce that Erie County’s funding commitment to projects at the Albright Knox Art Gallery and the Botanical Gardens will be fulfilled in 2019 and will help these world-class institutions further their development projects,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “In addition, expanding the water tower in Evans will provide critical support for the Agribusiness Park, which I spoke about in my recent State of the County address, and will move that project closer to completion.”


Also included in the resolution is a request for authorization to re-appropriate 2018 funds into 2019 so that they may be designated for expenditure. Notable among these re-appropriations is the rollover of $18.2 million in Inter-Governmental Transfer costs, funding expected to be paid by Erie County in 2018 but which was delayed by NYS until early 2019. Among many other programs and initiatives, unused 2018 funding to fight the opioid crisis, provide zombie property outreach services, and for lead hazard reduction will also be re-appropriated for anticipated 2019 usage. 



Poloncarz added, “This funding was reserved but not used in 2018, and as such it will be re-appropriated for usage this year. It does not increase spending, as the funds had already been approved and designated for these uses, and through this process these funds will be available when they are needed. Through my administration’s prudent budgeting and strong fiscal oversight, Erie County is moving forward, getting projects done and building a stronger community for the future.”


As a result of the passage of the Budget Balancing Amendments and the closeout of 2018, Erie County will add $2.8 million to the Unassigned Fund Balance.




For more information:


On the Erie County Division of Budget and Management, visit   http://www2.erie.gov/budget/ 



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