Bullis Road Bridge Reopens to Traffic

Modified: July 21, 2017 11:16am

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The Erie County Department of Public Works’ Highways Division has announced that the Bullis Road bridge over Buffalo Creek in the Town of Elma has reopened to vehicular traffic following the completion of a $1.25 million rehabilitation project that extensively repaired the structure. Originally constructed in 1967, the 50-year old bridge is 519 feet in length and consists of four spans, the longest of which is approximately 139 feet. The super structure is constructed of five 72-inch deep steel girders and is supported by reinforced concrete abutments, wing walls and three center piers. The bridge carries two 14-foot wide travel lanes and a 4 foot wide sidewalk.

The bridge rehabilitation project included complete replacement of the structure’s bearings, which involved lifting the superstructure at both abutments and removing the three center piers, steel rocker and fixed bearings while repairs to concrete pedestals and abutment stems were made. This was followed by the installation of new elastomeric bearings and the lowering of the bridge onto the new bearings. In addition the bridge’s pavement, deck, sidewalk and a portion of the reinforced concrete back wall were removed at both abutments and a new back wall extension, deck and sidewalk was constructed; existing finger and elastomeric joints were removed and girders were spliced together with steel plates; and repairs were made to the steel girders, railings, sidewalks, and curb while sealer was applied to concrete surfaces.

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On the Erie County Department of Public Works, visit http://www2.erie.gov/dpw/