Earth Day E-Waste Collection Event Draws Huge Turnout

Modified: April 25, 2017 3:14pm

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The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning (“ECDEP”) and partners have announced a record turnout for the Earth Day e-waste collection event held Saturday, April 22 at the GM Powertrain plant in Tonawanda. 646 households were served and almost 50 tons of e-waste collected during the event, which was sponsored by GM Powertrain, the UAW, Advanced Technology Recycling, and Greif Industries and was the largest recorded turnout for such an event at the site. The 646 cars represent an increase of nearly 50% from previous years and underscore the great public demand for e-waste recycling in the community. Many discarded TV’s were collected during the event, with numerous participants having multiple TVs and some pickup trucks filled with several TVs and computer monitors. Volunteers, sponsors’ employees, and ECDEP personnel staffed the event and assisted in keeping the huge e-waste recycling effort moving to serve as many households as possible.

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