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The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning (“DEP”) has announced changes to the yearly household hazardous waste collection schedule following a comprehensive review of the program. In an attempt to reduce wait times and make it easier for more residents to properly dispose of these hazardous materials, DEP is now planning five collections at multiple locations  in 2019 to provide greater access for this service throughout the County. In conjunction with this change,  residents will be required to pre-register to attend a collection event.


“These collection events have become hugely popular and provide residents with a responsible way to get rid of household wastes that should not be put in the regular garbage. Through these events we are protecting our water supply, taking potentially harmful substances out of residents’ garages and basements, and creating a cleaner Erie County,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “We look forward to implementing this new format to help make this process as convenient and efficient as possible and help more residents rid their homes of hazardous household waste. “


 The 2019 dates and locations for household hazardous waste collection are as follows:


  • ·         May 11 -  Clarence
  • ·         June 15 -  SUNY Erie Campus
  • ·         August 10 -  SUNY Erie Campus
  • ·         September 14 -  Concord
  • ·         October 5th -  Buffalo


“The City of Buffalo is pleased to join Erie County’s Household Hazardous Waste Program,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. “I encourage all City of Buffalo residents to take advantage of these convenient locations.”


PLEASE NOTE:  Specific location and times will be provided at time of preregistration, which will be required on-line or by phone beginning 30 days prior to each event.  Each collection event is open to all Erie County residents.  The events will provide no-cost, proper disposal of hazardous items that should not be disposed of in the regular garbage. For more information please go to or call (716) 858-6800.





•          Pesticides, Fertilizers, Pool and Household Chemicals/Cleaners (limit 2 gallons or 20 pounds)

•          Oil-based paints, Spray cans (limit 10 gallons)   

•          Paint Thinner, Stripper and Solvents (limit 2 gallons)

•          Rechargeable batteries

•          Gasoline, Kerosene, Antifreeze (limit 10 gallons)

•          Mercury and mercury-containing devices

  • ·                     Fire Extinguishers
  • ·                     1 pound propane tanks (used for camping stoves)




  • ·         Motor oil:  Up to 5 gallons of used oil per person per day can be recycled  at no charge at any service establishment that sells at least 500 gallons per year of new oil and performs vehicle servicing,  For more information click here .
  • ·         Latex paint: latex paint is not hazardous waste and should not be brought to these events.   For information on how to dispose of your latex paint, click here .
  • ·         Automobile tires
  • ·         Computers, TVs and other electronics
  • ·         Smoke Detectors
  • ·         Appliances
  • ·         20 lbs. propane tanks
  • ·         Pharmaceuticals
  • ·         Fluorescent bulbs
  • ·         Commercial/industrial wastes
  • ·         Lead acid batteries:  Retailers must accept, free of charge, up to two used batteries per month from any individual.  For more information click here . 


    Participants may need to verify that their waste products were generated by households.


Increasing attendance at these events in recent years has brought a commensurate increase in service delays as well as the number of staff and volunteers needed to serve over 1000 households at each event.  A full evaluation of Erie County’s hazardous waste collection program, which included comparisons to other programs around the State, was made possible by a grant from the NYS Department of State. 



For more information on these events, or for details on how to properly dispose of motor oil, latex paint, and other materials visit or call the Erie County Household Hazardous Waste 24-Hour Information line at (716) 858-6800.


Additional support for these events is provided by the Northeast Southtowns and Northwest Solid Waste Management Boards, the City of Buffalo, SUNY ERIE and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.                                                                                       



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