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The Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry has announced that disc golf courses at Chestnut Ridge, Emery, Ellicott Creek, and Como Lake Parks will be closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and due to concerns about safe social distancing while playing. New signage will be installed at each disc golf course advising of the closing and baskets will be removed from Chestnut Ridge, Emery, Ellicott Creek and Como Lake parks and stored until the courses are reopened.  

“The crowds at disc golf courses in our parks have been increasing and it is difficult to maintain proper social distancing under these circumstances,” said Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Forestry Troy P. Schinzel. “In addition to the large numbers of people on the course, all the players are touching the same baskets as they play through. Keeping people safe is our first priority and that’s why we will be closing the disc golf courses until further notice.” 

Niagara Region Disc Golf Association President James Carman added, “Niagara Region Disc Golf agrees that it is best to close the courses at this time for the safety of the community.  The Professional Disc Golf Association has also asked players to avoid the courses and social gatherings.  This is a difficult time and we are all faced with difficult decisions, so at this time we feel that this is the responsible course of action.”   

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