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When the next snowfall hits and Erie County snowplows take to the roads, Stefon Diggsyouout will be leading the team, but he’ll be joined by Tre’Davious White Out, Dwight D. Eisenplower and Alice Scooper. Also out busting drifts will be Plowey McPlowface, Snowbi Wan Kenobi, Lord Coldemort, and Six-Pack Jimmy along with the rest of the newly-named Erie County snowplow fleet, all sporting new titles after the conclusion of a very popular “Name a Snowplow” contest conducted by the Erie County Department of Public Works’ Highways Division.


“The people of Erie County have spoken and the memorable monikers now affixed to our snowplows will be gathering smiles countywide as they keep the roads clear,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “This contest was a lot of fun, and with thousands of submissions the voting was rigorous to narrow the list down to the top forty most popular names. I thank the Department of Public Works for managing the contest and applaud the creativity of everyone who took part.”


3,116 plow truck names were submitted by the public for the contest, which were narrowed down to 104 finalists in an “under 18” category and 111 finalists in an “over 18” category. These finalists were then posted for public voting, where voters had the option to choose their top five names in each category. 2,251 total votes were submitted to select the top 40 names, 10 taken from the “under 18” category and 30 from the “over 18” category.  


Below are the top 10 names from the Under 18 category and the number of votes they received:


  • Stefon Diggsyouout (616); Snobi Wan Kenobi (609); Perry the Plowtapus (435); Plowasaurus Rex (379); Lady Lake Effect (351); Ice Force One (313); The Blizzard Wizard (287); Phony Zamboni (277); Chicken Plow Main (274); Brrr-ito (273). 



Below are the top 30 names from the Over 18 category and the number of votes they received:


  • Plowey McPlowface (536); Betty Whiteout (393); The Big Leplowski (254); Dwight D. Eisenplower (243); Tre’Davious Whiteout (225); Darth Blader (224); Bills Make Me Wanna Plow (207); Fast and Flurrious (178); Spirit of ’77 (165); Austin Plowers (163); Hippoplowtamus (161); Six-Pack Jimmy (160); Pancho Billa (154); Alice Scooper (151); Catch My Drift (145); Snow Diggity (145); Sir Scrapes-A-Lot (141); Mr. Plow (133); Blizzard Fillmore (125); Han Snow-Lo (124); Lord Coldemort (120); Snow Force One (113); Snow Daddy (112); Snow Money Snow Problems (110); Abominable Snow Plow (108); Thundersnow (107); Snowy McPlowington (104); Ain’t Snow Stoppin’ Us Now (102); Flake Effect (102); Goo Goo Plow (99).  


Erie County Public Works’ crews will be affixing the new names to county snowplows over the coming days. Participants who submitted the winning names will be contacted by the Department to have a photo taken with “their” snowplow if they choose.





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