Erie County Central Police Services Receives New Test Firing Equipment

Modified: May 15, 2017 3:54pm

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The Erie County Department of Central Police Services recently received a remote firing stand, purchased for the Department’s Forensic Laboratory by the 100 Club of Buffalo and the Erie County Law Enforcement Foundation (“ECLEF”). Manufactured locally, the remote firing stand will be a critical tool to keeping the lab staff safe during the test firing of seized weapons as well as an instrumental tool in assisting with the identification of weapons used to commit violent crimes. The stand features a special clamping mechanism which keeps the firearm in a rigid position and allows the trigger to be pulled from a safe distance. After a seized weapon is test-fired the bullet can be retrieved and examined by the laboratory’s firearms examiners.

“The donation of the remote firing stand demonstrates the strong collaboration between the community and Erie County public safety agencies to ensure that the very best tools are available to combat crime across the entire county,” said Commissioner of Erie County Central Police Services James Jancewicz. “This important crime fighting tool will be of service to every law enforcement agency within the county for many years. The strong support of these community groups augments the continued hard work of the Erie County Laboratory staff and helps to make Erie County a safer place to live and work.”

The device is portable and may be used as a stand-alone unit in the laboratory or at the firing range. On an annual basis the Central Police Services Forensic Laboratory receives approximately 900 firearms- related submissions from law enforcement agencies across Erie County.

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