Erie County Department of Health Statement on City of Lackawanna Evacuation Being Lifted

Modified: November 11, 2016 5:31pm

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The following is a statement that was issued today (Friday, Nov. 11) by Erie County Health Department Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein:

"With the lifting of the emergency evacuation order in the City of Lackawanna, the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) reminds Erie County residents that smoke can contain many different chemicals that can cause airway and lung irritation and lead to an increase in symptoms associated with chronic lung disease.

ECDOH continues to encourage residents in the affected area to keep windows and doors closed; recirculate indoor air ventilation; and avoid outdoor activity. Erie County residents should contact their healthcare providers at the first sign of respiratory distress. People with breathing problems like asthma, those with heart disease, children, and the elderly may be particularly sensitive to particulate matter. The most common symptoms are irritation to the eyes, nose, airways, and lungs.

Routine syndromic surveillance by the Erie County Department of Health has to date not found an increase in respiratory ailments in the affected communities and continues to monitor the situation."


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