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Officials with the Erie County Department of Social Services and two organizations that regularly work collaboratively with county officials want to inform local residents who are eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit (“CTC”) and up to three federal stimulus checks on how to claim their funds.


“We understand that there may be some uncertainty by some people about whether or not they are eligible to receive these payments and questions about how to claim them, which is why we want to ensure eligible families receive this vital financial assistance information,” said Marie Cannon, Commissioner of the Erie County Department of Social Services. “With each round of stimulus checks, the eligibility requirements have become more inclusive of lower-income residents and immigrants. These dollars help people make ends meet while providing our region with an economic boost by keeping the money flowing in our community.”


Due to recently-expanded eligibility requirements that are more inclusive of immigrant and lower-income filers, Erie County residents may be eligible to receive the CTC if they meet the following criteria:


•          they are under the income limit ($240,00 for single filers/head of household, $440,000 for married couples who file jointly);

•          they have either a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or possess a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or;

•          they can claim a qualifying child.


In addition, residents may be eligible to receive a stimulus check if they meet the following criteria:


•          they are under the income limit ($99,000 for single filers, $198,500 for married couples filing jointly, and $150,000 for head of household);

•          they are not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s federal tax return; or,

•          someone in their household has a Social Security Number (the filer or their spouse or any person they are claiming as a dependent).


Clotilde Perez Bode-Dedecker, President/CEO of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, added, “The health and financial well-being of families helps stabilize households, resulting in a stronger community. It is imperative that families understand if they qualify for the child tax credit and are provided with support to access these important resources.” 



“We’re grateful for the leadership shown by Erie County to do everything they can to help our neighbors to receive this vital assistance from the federal government,” said Say Yes Buffalo Chief Executive Director David Rust. “We look forward to working one-on-one with the community through our partnerships with Buffalo Public Schools and community organizations to make sure that no one gets left behind. We will be bringing this initiative into our Parent Centers, into our Saturday Academies, into our monthly home visits with hundreds of families, and into our community-based VITA tax preparation sites.”


In order to claim a CTC or a stimulus check, eligible Erie County residents should either visit or call 211 for more information.


Anyone who claims the CTC or who receives a stimulus check will not have their immigration status impacted in any fashion. The IRS does not share citizenship information with immigration or any other federal agency and receiving stimulus checks or tax credits is never considered under the public charge rule.




For more information:


•          On the CTC and eligibility requirements for stimulus checks, visit


•          On the Erie County Department of Social Services, visit






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