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The Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is bringing back the popular “Junior Park Ranger” program for 2018 and is encouraging parks visitors aged 4 to 104 to start exploring Erie County Parks and recording their experiences in their free Erie County Park System Passport, available to download or at designated pick-up points in select Parks. Aspiring Junior Park Rangers will enjoy self-guided visits to parks designated in the program, recording information on what plants and animals they encounter there along with other observations of the site. Participants will also locate a special “Park Code” at each park they visit and enter that information in their Passport.


“The Junior Park Ranger Program was a big success in 2017, the Program’s first year, and we are hoping that even more potential Junior Rangers will take part this year. Participation is free and provides a wonderful opportunity for families and children to explore our Parks. With more than 10,000 acres to enjoy we know that our Parks system will provide memorable experiences for all,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz.  “This year the program requires Junior Park Rangers to visit four undeveloped parks along with any five other parks, so it will be a tremendous and fun learning opportunity throughout the summer.”


Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Forestry Daniel J. Rizzo added, “Our parks are a natural laboratory, with fun and learning happening side by side. Children are fascinated by what they see, hear, and feel while they enjoy time outdoors and the Junior Park Ranger Program gives them the opportunity for hands-on interactions with nature, both as observers and as participants.”


After completing their Passports, Junior Park Rangers will complete an application containing their park visit information. Each submission will be reviewed by Parks Department personnel to ensure that all requirements have been met and Junior Park Ranger certificates will be mailed to each Junior Park Ranger. A ceremony honoring all of the 2018 Junior Park Rangers will be held at Chestnut Ridge Park in the fall.



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