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The Erie County Department of Public Works Highways’ Division has announced additional road work to be conducted on Bullis Road in the Town of Elma as part of an already-scheduled road repair operation happening nearby on Girdle Road. Following the authorization of the additional work by Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz, crews will be conducting mill and overlay operations on Bullis Road from Stolle Road to Townline Road, a distance of approximately 1 mile that sees roughly 5,400 vehicles per day. This work will follow after and complement the repaving being done on Girdle Road from Jamison to Bullis and will also be accompanied by repaving operations on the Rice Road/Girdle Road entrance to Elma Meadows Park. Erie County crews will be performing much of the work, which will allow the improvements to be funded through pay-as-you-go and transfer tax funds.


“Our Department of Public Works is having a busy summer, and with road work already scheduled on Girdle Road in Elma it makes sense to extend the job to include portions of Bullis and Rice Roads, which are right around the corner. While neither Bullis nor Rice Roads were in our original road repair plans, I am authorizing repair of a portion of each road to address issues on each resulting from our past tough winter,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “While others are taking time off this summer, we are working hard to give residents and motorists the roads they deserve. I encourage residents to be patient with road crews all over Erie County this summer, and if you see a road crew, to thank them for the good work they do to maintain our 1,200 miles of county roads.”


Work is scheduled to begin on Girdle Road with milling of the existing pavement on July 23. The Erie County DPW worked closely with the Iroquois Central School District to coordinate a road work schedule that minimizes disruptions to summer school activities, with the end result being a road design that will improve traffic flow into and out of the school while reducing peak hour backups along Girdle. The 2.4 mile stretch of Girdle Road addressed in the project carries approximately 4,300 vehicles per day, and pavement widening will also be conducted as part of the approximately $800,000 mill and overlay project. County crews will handle milling, truck hauling, asphalt rolling, traffic control and other responsibilities for these projects.


In conjunction with the Girdle Road project, the 0.4 mile Rice Road extension that runs off Girdle and provides access to Elma Meadows Park will also be milled and re-paved, an approximately $200,000 investment. Following these projects, the newly-authorized Bullis Road work, a roughly $350,000 investment that covers 1 mile, will involve milling and then overlay of 2.5 inches of new asphalt.

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