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The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning’s (“ECDEP”) Healthy Lawns program will be introducing their new spokesgnome, Frederick Lawn Gnomested, to the public at a special Roaming Gnome Festival at the Central Library Reading Park on Thursday, August 5 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.


Earth friendly family fun activities at the Roaming Gnome Festival will include a photo booth, meet up with Frederick Lawn Gnomested, giant bubble blowing activity, recycling games, and crafts.  Information on the Healthy Lawns program and other county environmental programs will be available.


Jason Kulaszewski, Erie County Environmental Management Council Chair, stated, “The EMC is excited that we have Freddie, our newly named gnome ambassador, who will not only be recognized as an advocate for pesticide-free healthy lawns but will promote a healthier environment for Erie County residents through all County environmental programming.”


The perpetually positive 4’ tall Gnomested joined ECDEP earlier this year and was the subject of a popular naming contest conducted by the Department that ultimately produced over 500 suggestions for names from residents. The gnome’s mission to promote healthy lawns factored into the naming selection.  The winning moniker was suggested by three entrants: Karen Leeds, Zoe Powers, and Janice Steinborn, each of whom will get a visit & photo with Freddie.


The Healthy Lawns program is the result of a strong partnership between ECDEP, the Erie County Environmental Management Council (“EMC”), and the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County, along with their Master Gardener Program.


Overuse and misuse of lawn chemicals can be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife, and waterbodies.  Collectively, residents take care of approximately 122 square miles or 78,000 acres of lawn in Erie County and their lawn chemical usage on average adds up to approximately 3 pounds per acre or 234,000 pounds of lawn chemicals per year.  Freddie weighs 35 pounds, so the amount of lawn chemicals purchased in Erie County is the equivalent of 6,685 such gnomes.  That’s a lot! Residents can learn how to reduce those chemicals through the Healthy Lawns program at




For more information:



On the Roaming Gnome Festival, call the Central Library at 716-858-8900 or visit


On the Erie County Healthy Lawns Initiative, visit


To learn how Freddie and his Pesticide Free signs can attend your event please send inquiry to  and put “gnome visit” in the subject line.





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