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The Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry has announced a summertime photo contest asking residents to #FindYourNextAdventure at an Erie County park and to send photos of the adventure fun. Photos must be taken at an Erie County park, must be horizontal and in color, and must include people on an adventure such as hiking, kayaking, or similar activities.


“Summertime is a busy season and we are hoping that park goers will share some photos of the adventures they are having in Erie County Parks. We have over 10,000 acres to enjoy, so we are sure that we’ll be seeing some great photos,” said Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Forestry Daniel J. Rizzo. “The submission guidelines are easy, the prizes are sweet and the contest will run through Labor Day so we are encouraging people to find their next adventure in our Parks and show it to the world.”


No professional photos will be accepted for the contest, with one entry per person. Submissions must be submitted through social media (Facebook and Twitter), and the contest is open to Erie County residents only.  The first-place winner will receive a half-gallon of pure NYS maple syrup (produced in the Erie County forest by Parks department staff), while the second-place winner will receive a quart of pure NYS maple syrup and the third-place winner will receive a pint of syrup.


For complete instructions on participation and how to submit photos, click here .



For more information:


On the Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, visit http://www2.erie.gov/parks/  




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