Judicial Foreclosure Results in Successful Bid for East Aurora Property

Modified: February 22, 2016 3:53pm

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Local Businesswomen Purchased Parcel from Tavern Owner Who Repeatedly Filed Bankruptcy

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Erie County’s Real Property Tax Services Department announced today a recent judicial foreclosure proceeding resulted in the acceptance of a bid for a piece of property in the Village of East Aurora that had more than $250,000 in back taxes owed on parcel.

According to Joseph Maciejewski, the county’s director of Real Property Tax Services, the business formerly known as the Ice House on Elm Street in East Aurora was obtained by a group of local businesswomen for $91,000 following a judicial foreclosure held last week.

“We are pleased that we are able to have closure for a piece of property that has consistently frustrated not only those us in county government but village officials in East Aurora and the taxpayers of that community,” said Maciejewski. “The owner of that parcel is someone who we define as a serial filer of bankruptcy. She took advantage of the system by regularly ignoring our efforts to collect on the arrears by filing five different bankruptcies over the past 18 years. The frustration that many in the East Aurora community felt can now end thanks to the bid made by a group of local businesswomen.”

Carole A. Becker, who owned the business alternately known as the Ice House and Pete’s Pub, last filed bankruptcy four days before a deadline that would have allowed the county to foreclose on the property. The base amount of back taxes on the property was last estimated at just over $100,000 before interest charges. According to Maciejewski, the last payment Becker made on the property taxes was done in 2005.

On a related note, the Erie County Department of Real Property Tax Services reminds the general public that their mid-year property auction and foreclosure sale targeting problem properties owned by individuals who have systematically and annually manipulated the foreclosure and auction process to retain ownership will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, February 23, 2016) beginning at 9:00 AM in the auditorium of the downtown Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.

These properties, which are located throughout Erie County, have remained in the auction pipeline for a lengthy period of time while owners have taken unfair advantage of mechanisms in bankruptcy law which allow unscrupulous property owners to continue to possess properties they neither pay taxes on nor maintain.


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