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The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning (“ECDEP”) is offering a new voucher program for residents to dispose of their household hazardous waste (“HHW”) six days a week throughout the year.  Residents can now schedule a drop-off of up to 50 lbs. of household hazardous waste at the Hazman - Household Hazardous Waste Management and Drop-Off Center in Tonawanda after registering to participate in the program.


“Our Department worked with Hazman to create a contactless reservation and drop-off system for county residents to make disposing of household hazardous waste easier and more convenient. After residents register for the program, our Department will provide one voucher per household to cover the cost of disposing of up to 50 lbs. of household hazardous waste materials,” said Bonnie Lawrence, Deputy Commissioner of Environmental Compliance Service. “We are pleased to be able to provide this year-round service as a way to help residents properly dispose of household hazardous waste on their own schedule.”


Residents are required to register in advance in order to receive the voucher.  Registration can be done on-line or by calling Hazman at 998-8073.  Residents can find a link to this program at  or find out more by calling 858-6800.   


The HHW covered by this voucher program includes household chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, pool and household cleaners), oil-based paints and spray cans, paint thinner and solvents, and fuels.   Keeping these materials out of the regular garbage and out of our households protects the environment, essential workers and first responders.


The Voucher program does NOT include items such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, motor oil, latex paint, smoke detectors, tires, car batteries, propane tanks, appliances or waste that was not generated by a household. Please check registration information and/or website for complete list of items.  Participants are required to verify that their waste products were generated by households. 


Residents can also sign up to be notified of upcoming waste collection events at  


For more information on the voucher program or for details on how to properly dispose of motor oil, latex paint, and other materials visit  or call the Erie County Household Hazardous Waste 24-Hour Information line at (716) 858-6800. 


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