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Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz issued the following statement on the adoption of the 2024 Erie County Budget by the Erie County Legislature in a unanimous 11-0 vote:



“Today’s passage of the Proposed 2024 Budget is the culmination of months of hard work, dialogue, and negotiations to produce an agreement that is fiscally sound, reflective of the values of our community, and invests in programs and services that benefit all of Erie County. The Adopted Budget once again lowers county property taxes, something my administration has done for six consecutive years now, and as a result that rate is now the lowest it has been in Erie County history. More relief is coming to homeowners in the form of a tax holiday on home heating energy for the three coldest winter months, substantial savings that residents will see right away. In addition, investments in public safety, infrastructure, libraries, and parks will continue to improve our community and build a better Erie County for the future,” Poloncarz said.


“I thank the Erie County Division of Budget and Management, led by Director Bob Keating, along with our department heads for their work in crafting a Budget that appropriately addresses needs while being cognizant of fiscal realities today and into the future,” Poloncarz added. “That hard work was recognized and affirmed by the Legislature today in their unanimous vote. While I am disappointed that some members of the Legislature attempted to reverse an important technical correction regarding the gas tax holiday, in the end, financial wisdom prevailed. My administration will be closely monitoring the budget in the coming months to ensure Erie County is on the strongest possible budgetary footing in the new year.  I thank Majority Leader Timothy Meyers for his commitment to fiscal responsibility throughout this process as well as Chairwoman April Baskin for her leadership and partnership in finalizing this budget.”    




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