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Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz today voiced his support for proposed legislation that would amend New York State Real Property Tax Law to provide a temporary extension for payment of real property taxes owed by a federal employee or governmental contractor affected by the partial governmental shutdown, now in its fourth week and the longest government shutdown in history.


Matching bills now before the NYS Senate and Assembly (Senate Bill No. 01675 and Assembly Bill No. 00881) would “amend the real property tax law, in relation  to  providing  a temporary  extension  for  payment  of  real  property taxes owed by a person who has been either a furloughed or designated non-pay  federal employee due to a period of a lapse in discretionary appropriations by the  federal  government, or by the spouse or domestic partner of such person; and to provide for the repeal  of  such  provisions  upon  the expiration thereof.” If passed by both houses of NYS government the measure would go to Governor Cuomo’s desk for his signature.


“It is unfortunate that the current governmental shutdown was forced on us and that federal workers and others have been paying the price for it for nearly a month already, but New York can lead the way nationwide in showing that we respect and value our federal employees by passing this legislation and extending a lifeline to them in these uncertain times. My office has heard from furloughed federal workers who are concerned about paying their taxes, and this issue can only be resolved at the state level and this legislation will do that,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “This legislation would offer some relief to victims of the shutdown, including those out of work due to stalled government funding for contract work, by extending the time they have to pay their property taxes. The shutdown is harming families, dragging down the economy, and penalizing innocent people more and more every day.  The shutdown has been nothing more than a monumental failure, achieving nothing but pain and uncertainty for many. President Trump has been more interested in appealing to his political base than in caring for our nation’s citizens, and it needs to stop.  Hopefully it will end soon, but until then Erie County stands ready to help these people in any way we can, including through our Department of Real Property Tax Services. Considering that local town and county taxes are due by February 15, I urge the NYS Legislature to pass this legislation quickly and for Governor Cuomo to do the same.”



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