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“Bishop Malone’s resignation is a necessary component in the healing process of the Buffalo diocese, which has been wracked with pain, doubt and mistrust while enduring the abuse scandal that now overshadows it. In recent months Catholics have seethed at a lack of transparency and culpability on the Diocese’ part, an issue that became more glaring as the scandal escalated and new cases leaked out. That isolating secrecy further undermined the patience of the faithful, diminished attendance at local parishes, and increased the anger of individuals and congregations seeking accountability from the Church, the same Church that has been a guiding and inseparable part of their lives.


With the departure of Bishop Malone the way is now clear for a full accounting and assessment of the abuse, in order that all people in the diocese can have faith that all accusations were being handled appropriately and thoroughly. While no person who was sexually assaulted or abused can ever be fully compensated for the pain caused, the Bishop's resignation is a positive and moves the community closer to a true state of response and healing. We wish Bishop Scharfenberger well in his role as shepherd of the Buffalo diocese and look forward to a new day of openness, healing, and peace for all people of faith.”




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