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There are a number of tips and practices to follow to maintain a positive outlook and avoid fear or panic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety is a normal human response to stressful situations but knowing how to manage stress during this time is critical.

Reducing anxiety by reducing risk:

  • By practicing good hygiene, safe social distancing, avoiding sick people, disinfecting surfaces, and thoroughly washing your hands, you relieve yourself from worry that you may become infected.


Prioritize self-care and positive communication:


  • Exercise, drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet, and spend time outside while still practicing safe social distancing. Healthy habits and fresh air make a huge difference.
  • Create a support network of friends, family, colleagues, people with similar interests, faith-based organizations, etc. Connect with them virtually as much as possible. Loneliness and isolation can feed anxiety. Safe social distancing does not equal loneliness. We are all in this together.


  • Remember that you will need social support and others will rely on your support. Create a mutually beneficial channel of communication.


Manage your information intake and enjoy new activities:


  • Identify a few reliable sources of information such as,, and the World Health Organization. Commit yourself to only checking these a couple times a day for factual updates. Sensationalistic news increases anxiety.


  • Try something new! Endless social media scrolling and binge-watching can increase anxiety. Practice mindfulness by going on a walk. Read those books you’ve been meaning to get to. Make crafts or do an art project. Try writing in a journal. Practice mindfulness or meditation. Now is the time to explore a new, enriching activity.





Mental Health Resources:


Crisis Services                     / 716-834-3131


Horizon Health Services       / 716-831-1800


NYS Office of Mental Health:




The Erie County Department of Health has set up an information line for residents to call with questions about COVID-19 at (716) 858-2929. This hotline will be staffed Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Hours may change based on call volume.