Update On Road Closings In Erie County

Modified: March 10, 2017 12:53pm

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The Erie County Department of Public Works’ Highways Division has issued the following list of roads in Erie County that are closed due to fallen trees or power line issues as of 1:00 PM today:

Hamburg District: Feddick Road (south of Enser) in the Town of Boston is closed due to a fallen tree caught in power lines.

Aurora District: Cole Road (between Wohlheuter and Boston Colden Road) is closed due to multiple power poles down.

Concord District: Snyder Road in the Town of Concord closed to remove power line across the road; Springville Boston Road (north of Fowlerville Road) at the town of Concord/Boston line is closed to remove a large tree that has fallen across the road and is entangled in power lines.

Clarence District: all roads open, any remaining debris being cleared from road edges.

Harlem District: all roads open and clear.