All Women's Equal Pay Day

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The Erie County Commission on the Status of Women is committed to promoting gender equaility for women's pay.

Look for news on our web page and Facebook page in early April about upcoming events for April 2018 Pay Equity Month!

April 10 is All Women’s Equal Pay Day*

In 1996, the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) launched the first “Equal Pay Day,” (originally recognized as “National Pay Inequity Awareness Day” and changed to Equal Pay Day in 1998) to symbolize how far into the new year women had to work to earn as much as men earned in the previous year. Typically held in April, Equal Pay Day continues to be a widely recognized public awareness day to illustrate the gap between men's and women's wages, with recent expansions to mark Equal Pay Days based on race and ethnicity.

RACE/ETHNICITY Among full-time workers in 2016, Hispanic or Latina, American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN), black or African American, and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (NHPI) women had lower median annual earnings compared with non-Hispanic white and Asian women. But black, Hispanic, AIAN, and NHPI women experienced a smaller gender pay gap compared with men in the same racial/ethnic group than did white and Asian women.

*Equal Pay Days based on race and ethnicity:

February 22 - Asian American women’s Equal Pay Day

April 17 -White women’s Equal Pay Day

August 17 -Black women’s Equal Pay Day

September 27 -Native American women’s Equal Pay Day

November 1- Latinas’ Equal Pay Day


Here is some helpful information about Pay Equity and the Gender Gap locally and nationally

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Image shows gender wage gap disparities between race and ethnicity





    Pay Equity Panel on Current Legislation and Politics

On Tuesday April 4, 2017, The Erie County Commission on the Status of Women hosted a panel on pay equity at the Buffalo History Museum. The panel discussed current equal pay legislation and policies. This event was a great opportunity to bring attention to an issue that effects women and the entire community. Panelist discussed ways to work together to narrow and eventually eliminate the gender wage gap. Panelist included Michael Heburn, Lindy Korn, Esq., Martha McCluskey, Patricia Clabeaux, and Sharon Randaccio, Lisa Yaeger, Esq., Counsel to Assembly Member Crystal Peoples-Stokes.



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