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Refuse and Recycling

In 2013 the Town of Alden modified their agreement with Modern Disposal for refuse and recycling services. Included in the contract were changes in recycling which has reduced our costs and has led to more recycling on the part of Town of Alden residents.

Residents received a 65 gallon recycling cart. These are of high quality, easy to store and easy to handle. The carts came with a strong cover to keep recycled items contained when high winds blow. With this change, garbage continues to be picked up street side on a weekly basis while recycling pickups have moved to every other week. Change is always difficult, but Alden residents have adapted quickly. Since the new program was put in place, recycling efforts by our community have increased by nearly 7%.

Recycling…it is good for the environment and good for us. Not only does it help protect our natural resources, it also saves all of us money.

Town of Alden Refuse and Recycling Information [pdf]