Frank Cammarata III, MPA, Executive Director

Frank Cammarata III, MPA, Executive Director

The Erie County Office for People with Disabilities was created to ensure that Erie County's citizens with disabilities would have a direct voice in County government; to make available to such citizens an advocate who could work within the county structure to develop and enhance services; and to oversee facilities and programs by the County.



What's Happening in Office for People with Disabilities

Deaf Visor Card to print and display in car

Deaf Visor Card: Keep in your visor for effective communication with police or first responders.

Easy Read Overview of the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act — also called the ADA — is a law. When people with disabilities are treated unfairly, it’s called discrimination. The ADA protects people with disabilities from discrimination.


Metro will no longer run Routes 7, 29, 54, 68 and 79, due to the impact of COVID-19 to our operations. Please follow the link below for details on available alternate service.

Flu Illness Can be Dangerous for People with Disabilities 

People with certain disabilities, especially those who may have trouble with muscle function, lung function, or difficulty swallowing or clearing fluids from their airways, are at increased risk of severe outcomes from flu. For these people, getting a flu vaccine is the most important action to prevent flu and its potentially serious complications. There are several vaccine options available and your doctor can recommend the one that is best for you.   

medical exam room, female nurse atanding giving shot to female patient sitting on exam table

Abstract human figure dancing; text international day for people with disabilities

Learn how to treat everyone with respect by reviewing and utilizing the information in the New York State Disability and Health Program Disability Etiquette brochure. This publication provides information on respectful communication and etiquette tips for specific disabilities.