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The Erie County Department of Public Works (“ECDPW”) has announced a far-reaching 2022 Road program with projects slated for all Highway Districts as part of an approximately $45.5 million investment in county road and bridge infrastructure. Using a combination of RENEW Plan and pay-as-you-go funding, twenty-two county roads will see mill and overlay operations; another ten roads will receive cold recycle and top course treatments, and over thirty-three outlying county roads are scheduled for oil & chip, a combined total of 10% of Erie County’s lane mile inventory. Over $23 million of the total program will be invested in several engineering projects, funded primarily through capital funding, with bridge project investments of over $6.3 million rounding out the total 2022 investment.


“This year we have an aggressive infrastructure program that reaches into every corner of Erie County, investing nearly $46 million to improve our roads and bridges. Our winters are harsh and our roads take a beating but this is the season to get to work on repairing, restoring and maintaining our infrastructure,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “It is a short construction season here in WNY and many municipalities are also seeking to complete their own road work, so getting the go-ahead to proceed quickly should lead to better outcomes throughout the season. There is a lot of work to do and I thank our Public Works Commissioner Bill Geary and his department for getting right to it.” 


Mill and Overlay operations, totaling approximately $8 million, are anticipated for over thirty-six miles of county roads including in Amherst: Tonawanda Creek from Campbell to Hopkins, Tonawanda Creek from Bear Ridge to Campbell, Smith from Hopkins to Transit; Aurora: EA Porterville from Aurora Town Line to Reiter, West Falls from Falls Rd. to Mill; Clarence: Wehrle from Harris Hill to Bergtold, Salt from Greiner to Main, Intersection from Goodrich to Clarence Center; Colden: Crump from Center to Pratham;

Collins: Collins Center Zoar- from East Becker to West Becker; Eden: North Boston from Rte. 62 to Rte. 75; Elma: Bowen from Rice to Bullis; Evans: Old Eden Evans Center from Beach to North Main; Grand Island: Long Rd. from Baseline to Grand Island Blvd.; Hamburg: Versailles from Lakeview to North Creek, Newton from 391 to McKinley; Lancaster: Pavement from Walden to Genesee, Ransom from Broadway to Walden, Pavement from Walden to Broadway; North Collins: New Oregon from Shirley to Langford; Sardinia: Genesee from Warner Gulf to Savage, and; Tonawanda: Ensminger from Two Mile to East Park.  


Cold Recycle with Top Course Treatment, investing over $5.5 million, will reach nearly twenty miles of roads in all parts of the county, including in Clarence: County Rd. from Heise to Salt; Colden: Partridge from Lewis to Rte. 16, Lewis from Partridge to Darien; Collins: Jennings from School to Paxon; Concord: Buffalo from Rte. 391 to Village line; Hamburg: Newton from McKinley to South Abbott, South Abbott from Armor Duells to Newton; Holland: Warner Gulf from Holland-Glenwood to Matterson Corners; Sardinia: Pratham from Middle to Genesee, and Wales: Maple Hill from Warner Hill to Fish Hill.


Commissioner of Public Works William Geary, Jr. added, “Our Department is ready to get moving on these projects as soon as possible. Weather plays a big part in how much work can be completed, and with a short construction season here in Western New York we need to take advantage of every available day. As these projects get underway we are asking motorists and residents to please be patient and be aware of crews in work zones, as they are working to improve Erie County roads.”


An extensive Oil & Chip program investing over $1.8 million will repair and maintain nearly seventy miles of outlying county roads, including in Brant: Versailles Plank from Rte. 249 to Cain; Collins/Concord: Woodside from Rte. 75 to Mortons Corners; Concord: Adams from Transit line to Rte. 391, Concord from Mortons Corners to Belcher, Drake from Genesee to Snyder, Mortons Corners from Rte. 39 to Genesee, Skyview from Transit Line to Rte. 219, Snyder from Rte. 391, Spaulding from Concord to Wheeler, Summit from Drake to Rte. 219, Townsend from Springville Line to Genesee, Transit Line from Skyview to Genesee, Wyandale from Genesee to Brown Hill; Elma: Pound from Bullis to Seneca, Winspear from Bullis to Clinton, North Blossom from Clinton to Bullis, Main from Transit to Blossom; Elma/Lancaster: Hall from Ransom to Bowen; Evans: Versailles Plank from Pontiac to Eden Evans center, Versailles Plank from Cain to Pontiac, Versailles Plank from Eden Evans center to Rte. 20, Versailles Plank from Rte. 20 to Sturgeon Point, Versailles Plank from Sturgeon Point to South Creek; Holland: Vermont Hill from S. Protection to Church; Holland/Wales: Hunters Creek from Warner Hill to Vermont Hill; Newstead: Cedar from Rte. 93 to Niagara County line, Koepsell from Rte. 93 to Cedar, Swift Mills from Cedar to Greenbush, Greenbush from Rapids to Swift mills, Meahl from Rte. 93 to Sand Hill, Fletcher from Rapids to Tonawanda Creek


Additionally, several engineering projects representing an investment of over $23.2 million are anticipated in 2022, including Wehrle Rd. from Harlem to Aero in Amherst; this project utilizes $2.8 million in federal aid. Capital funding will be used for other road engineering projects, including Bullis Road from Two Rod Rd. to Shearing Rd. in Elma, a $1.65 million investment. Elsewhere, Borden Rd. from Broadway to Strasmer in Cheektowaga is a $12 million engineering project, Center St. from Seneca to Seneca in West Seneca is a $4.5 million investment, East-West Rd. in West Seneca is a $1.2 million project, and Knoche Rd. from military to Delaware in Tonawanda is a $650,000 investment. Another engineering project addressing walls at Chestnut Ridge Park, anticipated to start in July, is a $475,000 project.


Over $6.3 million in bridge projects completes the 2022 ECDPW schedule, with federal aid employed to repair the Bullis Rd., Williston, and Akron-Crittenden bridges as well as paint the Bullis Rd. bridge over Buffalo Creek. The North French and County Road bridges will be replaced, a $3.45 million investment. Projects will also include washing 202 bridges across the county and performing deck sealing on forty bridges.




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