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Erie County, in partnership with the City of Buffalo, the Town of Wheatfield, and the Western NY Stormwater Coalition, is once again offering rain barrels and compost bins to encourage households to reduce their environmental footprint through water conservation and reducing fertilizer use.


Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff, water produced in heavy rainfalls that does not soak in to the ground and can transport many pollutants to our local waterways. By using harvested rainwater for watering lawns, gardens and potted plants, rain barrels conserve water. As an added bonus, the natural nutrients in rain water make it far better for plants than tap water, which has chlorine and fluoride in it. With a rain barrel, gardeners can also minimize or eliminate their use of chemical fertilizers.


Home composting is a simple way to restore nutrients to soil. The addition of compost enriches soil, stimulates plant growth, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Composting yard trimmings and food scraps has the added benefit of keeping those wastes out of our local landfills.



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Quantities are limited. Deadline to order is May 3, 2019.






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