Thomas R. Hersey, Jr., Commissioner of Environment & Planning

Thomas R. Hersey, Jr., Commissioner of Environment & Planning

The Department of Environment and Planning leads the County's economic development efforts, oversees environmental compliance, collaborates on local and regional planning, provides digital mapping services, and provides wastewaster treatment services in seven sewer districts across the county.

What's Happening in Environment & Planning


The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning has announced funding for Comprehensive Master Plan Updates. Funding for the plans is from the Regional Development Corporation loan fund.

The following towns and villages will be conducting Comprehensive plan updates:

  • Town of Newstead/Village of Akron - Deadline was Thursday, December 29,...


The Broadband Internet Feasibility Study will provide guidance for the planning and development of a broadband strategy within the county.

It will include researching:

  • public and private providers of broadband service throughout the county, 
  • potential infrastructure which may be available but currently underutilized or unused, 
  • existing providers...


Southeast District Review

Per New York State Agriculture and Markets Law Section 303-a, the County Legislature is required to review a district eight years after its creation and every eight years thereafter. Agricultural District #6 Sardinia encompasses 22,981 acres in the Towns of Sardinia and...


(Click on the image to view the DRAFT 2017 Action Plan PDF in full)

PUBLIC NOTICE  (Click for PDF of Public Notice)...