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The Erie County Department of Public Works’ Highways Division is making it easier than ever for residents and motorists to be aware of road conditions and make travel plans accordingly thanks to the availability of the Department’s Road Status Viewer, an online tool that clearly shows which roads are county roads as well as the status of those roads (open or closed). Motorists can learn about travel restrictions, road closures and incidents, and get complete information on what to expect on the county roads they travel at all times of year. In addition, the Road Status Viewer can assist motorists in determining if any potholes they encounter are indeed on county roads, which can then be addressed by county crews. The viewer can also be accessed online through the free Ready Erie Preparedness app available at the Erie county website.


“Erie County has over 1,200 center lane miles of road, and now residents and motorists can be up-to-date on what’s happening on any county road at any time. Moreover, this will lead to far greater accuracy in reporting and repairing potholes or other road issues and will decrease the amount of calls our highway crews get for items that are not on county roads,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz.  “This tool pinpoints the road and helps motorists adjust travel plans as necessary. It’s another way we are working to meet drivers’ needs on county roads.”


Erie County maintains more lane miles of roads (2,400) than the states of Delaware, Rhode Island, and Hawaii through the year-round efforts of crews stationed in 5 county highway barns. The use of the Road Status Viewer allows users to not only locate any county road in Erie County but learn its conditions and any applicable travel restrictions, as well as being able to correctly and accurately report any problems they encounter on county roads.


“The Viewer is a great way for residents to be aware of what’s happening on county roads and aids in identifying our roads so that any repairs that need to be done can happen sooner,” said Commissioner of Public Works Bill Geary. “Motorists can check the viewer and if they want to report a problem on a county road can do so by calling us or visiting our website to notify us, and it will be addressed.”


For complaints on Erie County roads, call (716) 858-7966 or visit .


The NYS Department of Transportation addresses pothole complaints on NYS roads at 1-800-POTHOLE or at .


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