Erie County Veterans Service Agency Joins in Support of Upcoming Buffalo Blues Benefit for Veterans

Modified: March 1, 2017 10:11am

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The Erie County Veterans Service Agency is joining the Buffalo Blues Benefit for Veterans Music campaign to support the musical effort to raise awareness of and funding for veterans at risk of homelessness. Three sold-out musical events in the campaign to benefit veterans have already been held, with the fourth concert scheduled for Friday March 3 at 7:00 PM at Buffalo’s Iron Works, 49 Illinois Street, Buffalo. Proceeds from the shows benefit the WNY Veterans Housing Coalition, a nonprofit organization serving veterans in need of housing.

“These concerts are a great way for the public to support our veterans and help to ensure that none of the men or women who’ve served our country are without housing. They have sacrificed for us, and we are proud to work with Bob James and Buffalo Blues for Veterans to support this cause,” said David Shenk, Director of the Erie County Veterans Service Agency. “Their efforts have already delivered over $4,000 to the WNY Veterans Housing Coalition and we look forward to helping them spread the word and boost that number.”

Friday’s event will feature “Guitar All-Stars” at the Buffalo Iron Works, with 8 acts and special guests slated to perform. This event is co-sponsored by the WNY Blues Society. A ten-event concert series is envisioned for the Blues Benefit for Veterans campaign with a final concert scheduled on July 4. Information on the concert series can be found at .

Event organizer and musician Bob James said, “We love seeing how the power of song can serve veterans through the WNYVHC, an organization which has served more than 15,000 veterans over the past 28 years.”

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